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March 31, 2015 Special Election for House District 124

Election Night Returns
Proclamation for House District 124 (PDF)

  • Nathan Alonzo
    8435 Timber Lodge
    San Antonio, Texas 78250
    Fire Fighter
    Filed with Filing Fee

  • Delicia Herrera
    618 SW 39th St
    San Antonio, Texas 78237
    Phone: 210.391.6701
    DOB: 11/22/1973
    Filed with Filing Fee

  • Ina Minjarez
    9406 Hazelton Ln.
    San Antonio, Texas 78251
    Phone: 210.313.1509
    DOB: 03/27/1975
    Filed with Filing Fee

  • David L. Rosa
    9614 Criswell Creek
    San Antonio, Texas 78251
    DOB: 04/23/1961
    Independent Insurance Agent
    Filed with Filing Fee

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